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The Pursuit of Pamela
Royalty Theatre, Dean Street, Shaftsbury Avenue, London


"The Pursuit of Pamela", a Vedrenne Eadie production with Dennis Eadie also taking an acting role in the play. 

Scenes took place in Honolulu, Japan, Hong Kong and Alberta, Canada.

The play is about a young girl, Pamela, married to an older man who decides to run away from him and roam the world alone.
Gladys Cooper and Dennis Eadie in "The Pursuit of Pamela"

Gladys Cooper and Dennis Eadie in
 "The Pursuit of Pamela"


Play Title :- The Pursuit of Pamela

Year / Date  Produced :- 1913

Presented at :- Royalty Theatre, Dean Street, Shaftsbury Avenue, London.

Produced by :- J. E. Vedrenne and Dennis Eadie

Written by :- C. B. Fernald

Directed by :- J. Clifford Brooke

Cast :- Actor / Actress :-
Character Played :-

Mr. Dennis Eadie  -
Alan Greame

Mr. Hubert Harben
- Peter Dodder

Mr. Campbell Gullan
- John Dodder

Mr. George Tully
- Doctor Joyce

Mr. Azooma Sheko
- Fah-Ni

Mr. J. Z. Coby
- Haranobu

Miss Olga Ward
- Janet

Miss Aya Yamada
- Ume San

Miss Eve Balfour
- Nurse Tracey

Miss Gladys Cooper
- Pamela  (By arrangement with Mr. Seymour Hicks)

Act I.  :-
The Shore at Waikiki, Honolulu.

Act II.  :-
An Inn at Tsuboyama, Japan.

Act III.  :-
A House overlooking the Harbour, Hong Kong.

Act IV.  :- A private Sanitarium, Alberta, Canada.  (Three years later).

Stage Manager :- Mr. Herbert Chown

Business Manager :- Mr. Stanley Le Sage

Music :- Under the direction of Benno Scherek

Pianofortes supplied by :- Geo. Rogers & Sons.

Costumes :- Miss Cooper's Dresses and Hats by Ospovat, 69 New Bond St. & 35 Brook St, London.

Wigs by :- Clarkson

Furniture :- By Druce & Co., Baker Street, London.

The Scenery :- Painted by George Sackmann.