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The Naughty Wife
The Playhouse Theatre, Charing Cross, London


"The Naughty Wife", a comedy in three acts about a best selling author who allows his young wife to elope with another man and then ruins their affair.

The play gave the Frank Curzon - Gladys Copper partnership their greatest success together achieving a total of Five Hundred and Ninety Eight performances over an eighteen month period during war time.

It was during the run of "The Naughty Wife" that Gladys' husband "Buck" came back from war after three and a half years away in France.  He came home to a son now three years old and a daughter eight years old.


Play Title :-
The Naughty Wife

Year / Date  Produced :-

Presented at :-
The Playhouse Theatre, Charing Cross, London. 

Sole Lessee, Frank Curzon.

Presented by :-
Frank Curzon and Gladys Cooper

Written by :-
Fred Jackson, (Elaborated and Revised by Edgar Selwyn)

Produced by :- Charles Hawtry and Gilbert Miller

The Cast :- Gladys Cooper
- Eloise Farrington

H. R. Hignett
- Carter (a Manservant)

Charles Hawtrey
- Hilary Farrington

Stanley Logan
- Darrell McKnight

Mona Harrison
- Annette (a Maid)

Ellis Jeffreys
- Nora Gail (a Widow)

Ernest Graham
- Thompson (a Chauffeur)

Herbert Bunston
- Bishop Kennelly (Mrs Farrington's Uncle)

Act I.
The Farrington's House, New York.

Act II. The Farrington Bungalow, Lawrence, Long Island (Same Night).

Act III. The Same as Act II.  (Next Morning).

General Manager  :- Mr. T. B. Vaughan

Stage Manager :- Mr. Patrick Quill

Acting Manager :- Mr. H. M. Thorburn

Costumes :-
Miss Gladys Cooper's gowns, coats and hats designed and executed by Mr. Reville, 15 Hanover Square, London.  Miss Jeffreys gowns by Madame Handley-Seymour, 47, New Bond Street, London.