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Gladys Cooper




The Royal Adelphi Theatre, Strand, London


Gladys Cooper played the part of Iris Bellamy in this Pinero play, the part previously successfully played by Mrs. Patrick Campbell.

Iris got off to a shaky start at the Adelphi but went on to run for one hundred and thirty performances, its success probably more to do with the presence of three box-office magnets in Gladys Cooper, Ivor Novello and Henry Ainley than to the play itself.


Play Title :-

Year / Date  Produced :-

Presented at :-
Royal Adelphi Theatre, Strand, London

Produced by :-
Gladys Cooper & Henry Ainley

Written by :-
Arthur Pinero

Directed by :- Gerald Du Maurier

Cast :- Gladys Cooper  -
Iris Bellamy

Winifred Griffiths
- Fanny Sylvain

Joan Maude - Aurea Vyse

Barbara Deane - Mrs. Wynning

Violet Campbell
- Miss Pinsent

Hannah Kellogg
- Woman Servant at the Villa Prigno

Gwendolen Floyd
- Woman Servant at the Flat in Park Street

Henry Ainley
- Frederick Maldonado

Anthony Bushell
- Laurence Trenwith

Norman Forbes
- Croker Harrington

Garald Ames
- Archibald Kane

C. Disney Roebuck
- Colonel Wynning

George Ide
- Servant at Mrs. Bellamy's, Kensington

J. Smith Wright
- Servant at the Villa Prigno

Act I.  :-
London.   Mrs. Bellamy's House in Kensington.

Act II.  :-
Italy.  The Villa Prigno at Cadenabbia on the Lake of Como.

Act III.  :-
The Same.

Act IV.  Scene I.  :-
London.   A Flat in Park street.

Act IV.  Scene II.  :- The Same.

In the First Act and the Third the action is divided into three Episodes, in the Fourth into two Episodes.  The Episodes are marked by the falling of the curtain.  Between the Third Act and the Fourth two years are supposed to elapse.

Stage Manager :- Mr. Duncan McRae

Acting Manager and Treasurer :- J. Greenhill

Orchestra :- under the direction of J. H. Squire

Piano by :- Ibach

Costumes :- The Gowns worn by Miss Gladys Cooper were designed by Molyneux, 5, Rue Royale, Paris.  The other Ladies' Gowns and Hats by Eve Valere, 83, Knightsbridge, London

Furniture :- Scenes furnished by General Trading Co., 6, Grantham Place, London.  Italian Lacquer furniture by The Renaissance Traders, 27, Basil Street, Knightsbridge.  Italian Ornaments by Italia House., 75, Warwick Street, London

Cigarettes supplied by :- Abdulla