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Gladys Cooper




The Last of Mrs. Cheyney
St. James's Theatre, London


"The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" was the greatest London theatrical success of 1925-26, running for a period of  eighteen months and for a total of five hundred and fourteen performances.

The play was an elegant country-house comedy about a charming aristocratic burgler (Gladys Cooper) and the man who falls in love with her (Gerald du Maurier).

The play also marked the high point in Gladys Cooper's friendship with Gerald du Maurier.  Her common sense and her abrupt, matter-of-fact manner made her a very good companion for him. 

The success
of "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" meant that Gladys Cooper had now reached the height of her London fame.  She was now able to put her name on a brand of face creams and lotions which she promoted as 'My Own Beauty Preparation'.  She would advertise her beauty products in her theatre programmes and  publicly at chemists and beauty counters around London and any other towns that she happened to be touring through.


Play Title :-
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney

Year / Date  Produced :-
Opened on September 26th, 1925

Presented at :-
St. James's Theatre, London

Presented by :-
Gilbert Millar in association with Gerald du Maurier and Gladys Cooper.

Written By :-
Frederick Lonsdale

Produced By :- Gerald du Maurier

The Cast :- Actor / Actress :-
Part Played :-

Gerald du Maurier
- Lord Dilling

Dawson Milward
- Lord Elton

Ronald Squire
- Charles  (a Butler)

Basil Loder
- Hon. Willie Wynton

Guy Fletcher
- William  (a Footman)

Frank Lawton
- George  (a Footman)

E. H. Paterson
- Jim  (a Chauffeur)

A. Harding Steerman
- Roberts  (Mrs. Ebley's Butler)

Gladys Cooper
- Mrs. Cheyney

Ellis Jeffreys
- Lady Frinton

May Whitty
- Mrs. Ebley  (Cousin to Lord Dilling)

Mabel Sealby
- Hon. Mrs. Wynton

Gladys Gray
- Joan

Violet Campbell
- Mary

Act I  :- Drawing-room in Mrs. Cheyney's House at Goring.

Act II  Scene I :- A Room in Mrs. Ebley's country house.

Act II  Scene II :- Mrs. Ebley's bedroom.

Act III  :- Loggia of Mrs. Ebley's House.

Business Manager :- Elliot Lane

Stage Director :- Herbert Chown

Stage Manager :- Allan Whittaker / George Chamberlain

Scenery  :- Executed by J. A. Fraser, 5a, Newport Street, Lambeth.

Furniture  and Decor :- By Messrs. Ernest Williams & Ronald Trew, 27, Davies Street, Berkeley Square, W.1.

Clothes  :- The Gowns worn by Miss Gladys Cooper designed by Molyneux, 5, Rue Royale, Paris. 

Gowns worn by Miss Ellis Jeffreys, Dame May Whitty and Miss Mabel Sealby by Handley-Seymour, 47, New Bond Street, W.1.

Gowns worn by Miss Gladys Gray and Miss Violet Campbell by Lady Victor Paget, 10, Grafton Street, W.1.

Miss Gladys Gray's hat designed and made by Zyrot et Cie, 14, Hanover Square, W.1.

The pearls worn by Miss Ellis Jeffreys, Dame May Whitty and Miss May Sealby kindly supplied by Ciro Pearls Ltd, 48, Old Bond Street, W.1.

Orchestra  :- Under the Direction of J. H. Squire.