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The Letter
The Playhouse Theatre, Charing Cross, London


"The Letter", a Somerset Maugham play set on a plantation in the Malay Peninsula and then in Singapore.  A drama of marital infidelity and miscegenation, strong on Chinese mistresses and unfaithful Colonial wives and stiff upper lips and torrid passions set amid the confounded heat.

The play ran for three hundred and thirty eight performances at the Playhouse Theatre through 1927 and for another one hundred and fifty performances on tour. 

This was Gladys' first play in solo management, and her greatest success at the Playhouse Theatre.

Frank Curzon, Gladys' previous partner of the Playhouse Theatre died during the production of "The Letter".


Play Title :-
The Letter

Year / Date  Produced :-

Presented at :-
The Playhouse Theatre, Charing Cross, London. 

Sole Lessee, Gladys Cooper.

Presented by :-
Gladys Cooper

Written By :-
Somerset Maugham

Produced by :- Gerald du Maurier

The Cast :- Leslie Faber
- Howard Joyce

Nigel Bruce
- Robert Crosbie

George Carr
- Ong Chi Seng

S. J. Warmington
- Geoffrey Hammond

James Raglan
- John Withers

A. G. Poulton
- Chung Hi

Clare Harris
- Mrs. Joyce

Marion Lind
- Mrs Parker

Ching Ling
- A Chinese Woman

Tom Mills
- A Sikh Sergeant of Police

Gladys Cooper
- Leslie Crosbie

Low Ping
- )

- )

Lun Kun Tai
- )  Chinese Boys and Malay Servants

Chong Kin
- )

See Yong Sing
- )

Chong Ah Kei
- )

The action takes place on a plantation in the Malay Peninsular and at Singapore.

Act I.
The drawing room of the Crosbie's Bungalow.

Act II. A room in the Gaol at Singapore.

Act III.  Scene 1.
A room in the Chinese quarter at Singapore.

Act III.  Scene 2. The drawing room at the Crosbie's Bungalow.

General Manager  :- Mr. T. B. Vaughan

Stage Manager :- Mr. J. Wallett Waller

Business Manager :- Mr. Wm. Patrick

Costumes :-
Miss Gladys Cooper's dresses specially designed by Molyneux, Paris.

Scenery :- By J. A. Fraser