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Gladys Cooper




The Playhouse Theatre, Charing Cross, London


"Excelsior", a play that Gladys had previously performed in alongside John Gielgud when it was known as "L'Ecole des Cocottes".   H. M. Harwood adapted the play from the French version.

The play concerned the transition of Ginette from an impoverished Montmartre girl to the mistress of an impressive mansion and a less impressive corset manufacturer.

Gladys' sister Doris also appeared in the cast in the role of Berthe, a maid.  Doris was alarmed to notice a regular hiss from the audiences on several evenings during her performances, only to later discover that it was in fact the audience whispering to each other "That's Gladys Cooper's sister".

The play lasted thirteen weeks at the Playhouse Theatre.


Play Title :-

Year / Date  Produced :-

Presented at :-
The Playhouse Theatre, Charing Cross, London. 

Sole Lessee, Gladys Cooper.

Presented by :-
Gladys Cooper

Written by :-
Paul Armont and Marcel Gerbidon. 

Adapted by H. M. Harwood.

The Cast :- Naomi Jacob
- Madame Bernoux

Hermione Baddeley
- Amelie

Gladys Cooper
- Ginette

Denys Blakelock
- Robert

Ernest Thesiger
- Stanislas

Nigel Bruce
- Labaume

Doris Cooper
- Berthe

Athole Stewart
- Racinet

David Dilworth
- Auguste

Tom Mills
- Marc

H. Brough-Robertson
- Guard

Act I.

Act II. Rue d'Anjou.

Act III. 
Avenue du Bois de Boulogne.

Stage Director :- Mr. J. Wallett Waller

Manager :- Mr. Wm. Patrick

Costumes :-
Miss Gladys Cooper's dresses in Acts II and III designed by Molyneux, Paris.

Scenery :- By J. A. Fraser

Furniture :- Furniture in Acts I and II supplied by J. S. Lyon Ltd., High Holborn.

The decoration of the Third Act arranged and the furniture supplied by Mr. Thornton-Smith, of Soho Square, London.