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Gladys Cooper




Goodbye to Yesterday
Phoenix Theatre, London


"Goodbye to Yesterday", Gladys Cooper's first London performance in nearly three years and a play in which Gladys appeared with her third husband Philip Merivale in what was their first performance together back in England following their marriage in Chicago on April 30th, 1937.

The play was a dire psychological drama about a Brighton schoolmaster with a penchant for shutting his children up in cupboards.

The play struggled and closed after the fourth night.


Play Title :-
Goodbye to Yesterday

Year / Date  Produced :-

Presented at :-
Phoenix Theatre, London

Presented by :-
Basil Dean

Written By :-
James Parish

The Cast :- Actor / Actress :-
Part Played :-

Marda Vanne
- Enid Traylen

Muriel George
- Mrs. Rawlins

Maud Gill
- Mrs. Wafter

Bryan Powley
- Rev. Hubert Wafter

Gladys Cooper - Laura Lorimer

Louise Frodsham
- Minnie

Philip Merivale
- Brian Lorimer

Jack Powney
- Tony Lorimer

Frank Allenby
- Richard Wolston

Walter Hudd
- David Christie

The action of the play takes passes in the house of Mr. Lorimer, Headmaster of a small preparatory school on the South Coast.

Act I  :- A Summer Morning in the Holidays.

Act II  Scene 1 :- Two weeks later (Evening).

Act II  Scene 2 :- Ten days later (towards Sunset).

Act III  Scene 1 :- A few days later (Evening).

Act III  Scene 2 :- Fifteen months later (Morning).

General Manager :- Wilson Blake

Manager  :- Walter Havers

Stage Director :- Anthony Marshall

Stage Manager :- Hedley Mattingly

Publicity :- W. MacQueen-Pope

Stage Setting by  :- Edward Carrick

Scenery  :- Built by Loveday & Higson and painted by Alick Johnstone.

Furniture  :- Furniture supplied by J. S. Lyon, 112, Holborn, London.

Clothes  :- Miss Gladys Cooper and Miss Marda Vanne's dresses designed and executed by Motley, Ltd., 25, Garrick Street, W.1

Telephone Equipment  :- By G.P.O.

Cigarettes  :- By Abdulla.

Marconi All-Wave Radiogram  :- By Marconiphone, Ltd.