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Relative Values
Theatre Royal, Brighton


"Relative Values", a comedy by Noel Coward about Felicity, Countess of Marshwood who finds to her considerable horror that her son and heir is to marry a Hollywood film star who, as if that weren't shocking enough, also turns out to be her maid's long lost sister.

The play gave Gladys her first real success after a recent run of London disasters, and it was to give Gladys not only her one great post-war triumph in the West End but also her first real success there since "The Shining Hour" almost twenty years earlier.

The tour lasted for four hundred and seventy-seven performances.


Play Title :-
Relative Values

Year / Date  Produced :-
Beginning Monday, November 5th, 1951

Presented at :-
Theatre Royal, Brighton

Presented by :-
H. M. Tennant Ltd & John C. Wilson

Written By :-
Noel Coward

Directed By :- Noel Coward

The Cast :- Actor / Actress :-
Part Played :-

Richard Leech
- Crestwell

Renee Hill
- Alice

Angela Baddeley
- Mrs. Moxton (Moxie)

Gladys Cooper
- Felicity, Countess of Marshwood

Dorothy Batley
- Lady Hayling

Simon Lack
- The Hon. Peter Ingleton

Charles Cullum
- Admiral Sir John Hayling

Judy Campbell
- Miranda Frayle

Ralph Michael
- The Earl of Marshwood (Nigel)

Hugh McDermott
- Don Lucas

The action of the play takes place in Marshwood House, East Kent, early July.

Act I  :- Saturday afternoon.  After lunch.

Act II  Scene 1 :- A few hours later.

Act II  Scene 2 :- Before dinner.

Act III  Scene 1 :- After dinner.

Act III  Scene 2 :- The next morning.

General Manager :- Bernard Gordon

Manager and Stage Director :- Mick Orr

Stage Manager :- Clive Woods

Asst. Stage Manager :- Nigel Davenport

Production Manager :- Ian Dow

Chief Engineer :- Joe Davis

Chief Wardrobe Supervisor :- Lily Taylor

Press Representative :- Vivienne Byerley

Setting by  :- Michael Relph

Scenery  :- Painted by Alick Johnstone; built by Brunskill & Loveday.

Furniture  :- Furniture supplied by The Old Times Furnishing Company and Moss Harris.

Clothes  :- Clothes for Miss Gladys Cooper and Miss Judy Campbell and Miss Angela Baddeley's dress in Act II Scene 2 by John Tullis, of Horrockses Fashions, Ltd.  Shoes by Rayne.

Properties  :- Properties by Robinson Bros (Jewellers), Ltd.

China  :- Hand painted china by Harrop Allin.

Spectacles  :- Spectacles by Negretti and Zambra of Regent Street.

Flowers  :- Flowers by Floral Decor.

Cordials  :- Cordials by Idris Ltd.

Wigs  :- Wigs by Wig Creations.

Nylons  :- Nylons by Kayser-Bondor.

Electrical Equipment  :- Electrical equipment by The Strand Electric & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Radio Receiver  :-
Radio receiver kindly loaned by H.M.V.

Lighters  :- Lighters by RonsonFoyle's.

Cigarettes :- Cigarettes by Philip Morris.