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A Question of Fact
Coliseum Theatre, Harrow, London


"A Question of Fact", the story of a public schoolmaster discovering that his father has been hanged for murder.  Gladys Cooper played the part of the mother of the schoolmaster.

The play started in 1953 and took Gladys Cooper through most of 1954.


Play Title :-
A Question of Fact

Year / Date  Produced :-
Beginning Monday, November 30th, 1953.

Presented at :-
The Coliseum Theatre, Harrow, London.

Presented by :-
Tennant Productions Ltd by arrangement with Frith Banbury Ltd. 

Written By :-
Wynyard Browne

Directed By :- Frith Banbury

The Cast :- Actor / Actress :-
Part Played :-

Maureen Delany
- Nannie

Mary Hinton
- Nina Trafford

Pamela Brown
- Rachel Gardiner  (the schoolmasters wife)

Paul Schofield
- Paul Gardiner  (the schoolmaster)

Henry Hewitt
- Charles Trafford

Harold Scott
- Arthur Lamb

Gladys Cooper
- Grace Smith  (the schoolmasters mother)

The action of the play takes place in an English country town, in the sitting-room of a house which has been occupied for many years by a succession of married masters from a neighbouring public school.

Act I  :- An evening in early may, a day or two before the beginning of the summer term.

Act II  Scene 1 :- Two months later.

Act II  Scene 2 :- Late afternoon.  Four weeks later, near the end of term.

Act III  :- After dinner the same evening.

Setting by  :- Reece Pemberton

Scenery  :- Painted by Alick Johnstone; built by Brunskill & Loveday.

Clothes  :- for Miss Gladys Cooper by John Tullis of Horrockses Fashions Ltd.  Stockings by Kayser-Bonder.  Wardrobe care by Lux.

Books by  :- Foyle's

Hand-painted china and properties by :- Harrop Allin

Flowers by :- Floral Decor

Virginia Creeper by :- Wyndram's

Tio Pepe by :- Gonzalez, Byass & Co., Ltd

Cognac by :- Denis-Mounie & Co.

Hock by :- Langenbach & Co.

Electrical Equipment by :- The Strand Electric and Engineering Co., Ltd

Lighters by :-

Cigarettes by :- du Maurier