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Gladys Cooper

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Gladys Cooper


Gladys Cooper  1888 - 1971

Welcome to the Gladys Cooper 'on postcard' web site. This site is dedicated to the life and career of the
stage star and screen actress Gladys Cooper with particular emphasis on the many collectable vintage picture postcards featuring the actress.

In the early 1900's the sending of postcards as a means of communication became the standard medium of conveying short messages.  The popularity of postcards rocketed as they were cheap and reliable and there were up to seven postal deliveries a day.  People bought them to keep as souvenirs as well as to send to friends.

Gladys Cooper was widely acclaimed as one of the great beauties of the stage & screen.  She also became famous for her appearance on many picture postcards issued during the postcard boom of the early 1900's.  By the time she had reached her late twenties  she was to appear on thousands of different postcards.

Through the huge public fascination with Gladys, her daughter Joan and son John would also appear on picture postcards either posed alongside Gladys or featured by themselves.

Postcards featuring Gladys Cooper and her family are generally easy to find and are quite affordable. However, some are now quite rare and are highly sought after by her many collectors and can attract very high prices.

All images featured on these pages come from my own collection of postcards & memorabilia.  None of the images have been taken from other web sites.

None of the postcards or images featured here are for sale.  This site has been put together purely to provide information and interest to other postcard collectors, particularly collectors of Gladys Cooper postcards.  Hopefully it will be a help when referencing your own collection.
Gladys Cooper

Postcard images can be located and viewed using the 'Postcards' menu at the top of this page.  Here you will find a list of postcard publishers that have issued images on postcard of Gladys Cooper and her family.  Click on a publisher to be taken to an index of reference numbers of the postcards issed by that publisher.  Click on the reference numbers to reveal the appropriate postcard image(s).

'Rotary Photo' was the main publisher of Gladys Cooper postcards, therefore, most images will be found under this link.

Near the top of this page you will also find links to a Biography of Gladys Cooper and a schedule of Appearances made throughout her career.  These are not complete, and will be constantly updated.

I have many more postcards featuring Gladys Cooper than currently shown on the site.  These will be added when time allows, so please keep calling back.

If you have any comments to make about the web site or if you have any further useful information on any of the postcards featured, then please feel free to contact me via the link at the bottom of this page. Also, a special thank you if you have taken the time to sign my 'Guestbook' or to email me.


Gladys Cooper Gladys Cooper Gladys Cooper Gladys Cooper Gladys Cooper

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